Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question here, just send us an email at hello@ovlcollection.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours (usually less).

What material is your jewellery made from?

All of our jewellery is made from high quality, durable, tarnish resistant stainless steel. Our gold and rose gold jewellery is 18k gold dipped over stainless steel. All our jewellery is 100% hypoallergenic, and it's also nickel and lead free.

We've tested our jewellery with mums to ensure it's comfortable, durable and practical. 

How do I know if the cuff bangles will fit me?

Our cuff bangles are fully adjustable and will fit most wrist sizes (in our tests, they fit over 95% of women). We've designed our bangles to sit close to the wrist, so they don't slide around too much or fall off. This also means they don't need to be adjusted too much or bent out of shape.

If you're unsure, please contact us for measurements so we can confirm the fit for you. 

How do I adjust my cuff bangle?

Our cuff bangles are fully adjustable and it's really easy to do.

If you'd like the bangle more secure, start with the cuff bangle off your wrist. Cup the bangle in your palm and gently squeeze each open end inwards towards the centre of the bangle. Test it on your wrist and adjust a little at a time to ensure the bangle keeps its shape.

If you'd like the bangle looser, simply hold the bangle with two hands using your thumbs, index and middle fingers and gently bend the ends of the bangle outwards a little at a time until it sits comfortably on your wrist.


Can I get custom engraving on the bangle?

Unfortunately, we don't currently offer custom engraving. If you have requests for quotes, we'd love to hear them. 

Do you ship overseas?

Yes of course! And it's free! However, please note that international shipping can take a little longer and we can't assist with any local customs fees. We have plenty of lovely customers overseas, but it's your responsibility to check your local customs regulations for online shopping.