Our pieces are designed to withstand the daily rigours of motherhood. However, to keep them looking their best, here are some guidelines:


Our silver jewellery is our lowest maintenance option, and shouldn't tarnish with a few splashes of water. Just wipe it clean with a plain cloth. As with all jewellery, try and avoid wearing it in the shower or bath, or covering it in lotions. 

Rose gold

Our rose gold jewellery is 18K gold plated. It's stunning, but it can be sensitive to water, lotions and perfumes. Showering, swimming, gym sessions and cleaning products don't mix well with our rose gold pieces.

If you have our cuff bangle, the easiest way to protect it is to slide it up and secure it higher on your arm during nappy changes, laundry and dishwashing. That way you're not taking it on and off all day!

We've tried to find a balance between beauty and durability, but unfortunately we can't help if your pieces get tarnished or scratched (consider them battle scars!). 

Adjusting cuff bangles

Our cuff bangles are fully adjustable. To adjust to size, simply cup the bangle in the palm of one hand and gently squeeze each edge by cupping your hand closed.

Squeeze a very small amount at a time, testing for size and repeating until you reach the desired size.