Caring for Your Jewelry

To keep your jewelry looking its best, here are some guidelines:


Our silver jewelry is our lowest maintenance option and is less sensitive than our rose gold and gold plated jewelry. It does not tarnish like sterling silver. Just wipe it clean with a plain cloth or cotton ball - don't use a polishing cloth. As with all jewelry, avoid wearing it in the shower or bath, or exposing it to lotions, perfumes or detergents. 

Gold and Rose Gold vermeil jewelry

Our gold and rose gold jewelry is 18K plated and it's stunning finish. However, please note that it can be very sensitive to water, lotions, oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, sweat and perfumes. Showering, swimming, cooking, gym sessions and cleaning products don't mix well with our rose gold pieces.

After each wear, wipe down the jewelry with a cotton ball to remove dust and dirt - don't use a polishing cloth, jewelry cleaners or antibacterial soap.

It's best to store plated jewelry in its pouch away from other types of jewellery to avoid scratching or tarnishing.

We've tried to find a balance between beauty and durability, but unfortunately we can't help if your pieces get tarnished or scratched. 

Adjusting cuff bangles

Our cuff bangles are fully adjustable. To adjust to size, simply cup the bangle in the palm of one hand and gently squeeze each edge by cupping your hand closed (squeeze a very small amount at a time, testing for size and repeating until you reach the desired size).

Adjusting bracelets and necklaces

The chains on our bracelets and necklaces come with extenders, so you can easily adjust for size and style.