What is the Meaning of No Rain, No Flowers?

The expression "No Rain, No Flowers" stems (no pun intended) from the notion that while many people dislike rain, it is very much a needed resource for nature to bloom and bring its wonderful fruit. 

This inspirational phrase helps to remind ourselves that during the darker times and periods of struggle, we need to keep the faith that it will be worth it in the end as better times lie ahead.

With any challenge, comes growth and with growth comes new opportunities, wisdom, and a satisfying feeling of accomplishment and progress.

The Ovl Collection "No Rain, No Flowers" bracelets and pendant necklaces are very popular as they are beautiful, gentle reminders of our strength and to practice self-compassion. These jewelry pieces are wonderful as a treat or reward for yourself, or to give to a loved on as a meaningful gift.  

These lovely cuff bracelets and necklaces include keepsake inspiration cards with these powerful words:

Sometimes we face challenges that feel impossible to endure. They test every fibre of our being. They push us to our limits. But without rain, there can be no flowers. The greater the struggle, the more beautiful the blooms. It may not be easy, but it'll be worth it. 

We have received so many lovely, heartwarming reviews from customers who have enjoyed these pieces.  

"I love my new "No rain no flowers" necklace. The package was beautifully done. I will be wearing mine everyday to remind myself there is always something beautiful that will come out of the hard times." 

"Absolutely adore my gorgeous silver cuff. The quality is impeccable. But the reason I bought it was the statement, it keeps me out of my head on bad days and reminds me to stay present and look towards a bright future. Take this as your message: Treat yourself girl!"

"The message behind the bangle is something I need to remember and seeing it on my wrist reminds me to breathe!"

"I love wearing it and the message is such a lovely reminder to stay positive."


We designed our jewelry to give hope and inspiration and this phrase is a gentle reminder to be patient, accepting and enjoy living present. We hope this brings a little more peace to those who wear our jewelry. 


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