The Magic of Replacing "I Have To" with "I Get To"

How many times have you thought to yourself "I have to get up every hour
to feed my baby."

Or "I have to find activities to entertain them all day."

Or "I have to sit here for an hour while they sleep on me."

It's so easy to get into the habit of thinking that you have to do everything.

Every mother has been there...

That place when everything feels like a chore. 

And sometimes, we have to relieve yourself of the guilt of feeling like you have to do all those things, because the reality is that we often have to do things we just don't want to.

The problem is when we fall into a pattern of negativity and are no longer able to appreciate or feel grateful for the moments we do have. 

When we keep thinking to ourselves "I have to", it automatically puts our mind in a place of resentment. Resenting the early wake ups, the lack of freedom, the exhaustion that we have to endure as mums. 

This pattern of negativity robs us of happiness, joy and being present enough to savour the beauty in our lives.

There's a very simple method to reframe your thoughts and rewire your brain to a place of gratitude.

It's as simple as replacing the words "I have to" with "I get to"...for example:

"I get to wake up every hour and provide my baby with the comfort she needs in this stage of her life."
"I get to play with them all day and enjoy them while they're little."
"I get to hold them to sleep, and I know that in a little while, they won't need that from me again."

When you start to use the words "I get to", you automatically wire your brain for happiness and enjoyment. You'll automatically complete your sentences with reasons for why the things you now 'get to' do is special and something to be cherished. 

This simple shift in language will almost instantly improve how you're feeling and maintain a positive mindset. 

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