Thank you for reading our Brand Enthusiast terms & conditions. We’d love to have you on board so if you’re happy with the terms below we can get started!

  • You will receive 30% off your first purchase and any subsequent purchases made by you during the contract term
  • Your first purchase is to be made with 7 days of accepting your position
  • Your 30% off discount code is not to be shared with anyone, including family or friends
  • If agreed upon, we will provide you with an exclusive family and friends discount code that you can promote on your social media
  • We ask that you leave a review on our product page once you've received your first product
  • We ask that you post 2-3 photos per week on your feed during the two month period
  • We ask that you regularly engage with our Instagram posts and stories through likes and comments (70-80% engagement) 
  • We also ask that you share any giveaways that we promote (and you are welcome to enter any of those)
  • Photos need to include our jewellery, and need to be clear, crisp and without clutter in the background
  • We would like a combination of photos of the jewellery alone (e.g. flat lays) and with 'mum' in them. We are happy for family to also be in the photos, but please keep in mind we are about inspiring mums, so cute baby pics aren't really appropriate for our feed (even though your babies are so cute!)
  • On occasion we may request you to email/ Dropbox any high quality images to us at
  • We would love to consider having you as an Ambassador down the track if all goes well

We've selected you because of your genuine interest in our brand, so we request that you don't use words such as "Rep for" or "Enthusiast for" in your tags or bios. We do everything from our heart with authenticity and that's the message we'd like to put out there.

We reserve the right to withdraw your contract if you do not adhere to these conditions. We ask that you tell us if you are unable to meet your photo posting commitment for any reason. Communication is key and we need to know when you are unable to adhere to these so we can work with you for a resolution. We understand that life gets in the way and kids are unpredictable, so please just keep us in the loop!

We also ask that you inform us of any other roles you may be taking on that clash with our product.

We're on a mission to empower mums to do motherhood their way and live a life they love. We'd love for you to be part of our family and help us grow!