The oval has long represented the journey of motherhood in ancient cultures. It’s the shape of our ovaries, our eggs, the amniotic sac and our full pregnant bellies. It's the perfect symbol for what we stand for. The Ovl Collection is so much more than a jewellery brand.    

When mothers support each other, incredible things happen

When a baby is born, so is a mother. She's been through the most incredibly life changing experience. And yet, she's often forgotten. She's judged, told she's not doing it right and made to feel like she's not enough.

But we see a different world. A world where her differences are her assets, her journey is unique, and still, she's loved, supported and part of an incredible village. Her dreams are valued, her ambitions are recognised. And while she's still the same person, she's so much more than she ever was before.

We stand for mums. The women who've grown, birthed and nourished little humans. The women who give their all, who do it all, and who just keep giving, every single day. Stand with us. 

Buy one, support one

We believe in connection. The power of community. And the power of support at an individual level. We believe you do too. That's why for every piece purchased, we donate an inspirational piece to a mum who needs hope, strength and support. 

We partner with organisations who work directly with mums experiencing postnatal anxiety, depression, mums who have suffered loss and mums who have children in the neonatal intensive care unit/special care nursery.

It's not just a piece of jewellery. It's so much more. Your purchase shows another mum that even though you may not know her personally, you're thinking of her. It shows her that she's not facing this alone. That she's part of a village. And it gives her something to hold on to. Because motherhood is a collection of all the moments - the incredible, the exhausting and the painful. And our pieces are designed to be with you, and her, in every moment.