Why we created the Through Her Lens motherhood podcast

When you become a mum you enter a new phase of life. The challenges you face are entirely different to what you may have expected. The emotions you feel are life-changing. And you face issues that only a mum could face. Now more than ever, you need connection. Connection to other women and to other mothers. To understand their experiences, whether they're the same or different from your own. 

We don't live in villages anymore, so we're not automatically exposed to other women's stories. While social media has helped us connect in a new way, we're also more disconnected than we've ever been. 

So as part of our mission to empower mums, we're bringing you a motherhood podcast that's a little different to what's already out there. A motherhood podcast with stories that will move you, inspire you, and raise awareness about the things that really matter in motherhood. Absolutely everything will be up for discussion, and we hope through this podcast, you'll find connection. 

Because we know that you have less time than you've ever had, we've created a podcast that you can listen to anywhere. When you're cooking, cleaning, driving, or having some 'you-time', you can still listen in. Click here to take a look at our episodes, or find us on your favourite podcast app.

And as always, come and find us on Instagram and give us feedback. What did you like? What do you want to hear more of? Come and let us know so we can serve you better.