Why we created a jewellery brand just for mums

When we told people we were creating a jewellery line for mums, the question we got asked the most was "Why just for mums? Why not all women?". After we explain why, there's always an "ah-hah" moment followed by a nod of approval.

So why did we do this? Well, from the moment you become a mum, it's all about the baby. You've sacrificed your body to grow your beautiful little human. You had to give up soft cheese, wine and half your coffee intake for (at least) nine months. You dealt with all the symptoms of nausea, back pain and all of the other discomforts pregnancy brings, while getting on with the rest of your life.

You gave birth. The most intense physical and emotional experience of your life. Then you had to recover. Breastfeed. Give up your body again and perhaps even deal with the fact that your body has changed completely. You have to live without sleep for months (maybe years). 

And you give. And give. And give...all day, all night. Even when you've had enough and you need a break...you keep giving. Because you're a mum. 

So you've done all that...but when it's time to find something for you, all you can find are breastfeeding clothes, shapewear and mugs. 

What about something that's not trying to 'fix' your problem areas? Something that's just yours? Something that celebrates the momentous change that occurred in your life? Something that reminds you of how much more incredible you are now that you're a mum? But something that also...looks good. Because being a mum doesn't mean giving up your personal style. It doesn't mean giving up who you were. You're still you. You still matter. 

Every other jewellery line out there is for all women. But us - we're here just for you. To remind you of how far you've come and how incredible you are. To remind you to be proud of yourself. To love yourself. To look after yourself. Because you need someone who's got your back. And you absolutely deserve something that's just yours.