Six New Year's resolutions every mum needs to make for 2019

As we approach 2019, so many mums will be setting goals to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, drink less and all the other generic resolutions we set for ourselves as yet another year draws to a close. 

The 1st of January is genuinely a great chance to start fresh and really commit to your goals. But how many of us just end up feeling like crap at the end of January having tried and failed? 

Failed because we tried a 30 day shred requiring us to wake up at 4am every morning…but our baby teethed all through January so we’re left un-shredded on the 31st of the month. 

Failed because we promised ourselves we’d have a green smoothie everyday…but instead raided the secret stash of chocolate in our cupboard because our toddler turned into a threenager. 

Failed because we set goals we thought we should be achieving, rather than setting goals we actually wanted to achieve.

So let’s cut the crap this year and stop setting ourselves up for failure. Let’s make real, lasting changes in 2019. 

Here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions that are focused on the journey, and not the destination. They’ll create sustainable habits, make you feel amazing and improve your mental health. And if you fall off the bandwagon for a day, there’s no need to wait until ‘next Monday’. Just get straight back on when you’re ready. 

So for 2019, make these your resolutions:

  • Instead of trying to lose weight, I’ll exercise because it makes me feel human.
  • Instead of quitting sugar, I’ll eat healthier because it gives me energy. 
  • Instead of focusing on my imperfections, I’ll love my body for the miracles it’s performed.
  • I’ll be more present, because time is fleeting. 
  • I’ll unfollow those who make me feel bad about myself, because I deserve to feel like I’m enough.
  • And in the weeks that I can’t achieve any of the above, I’ll be kind to myself. Give myself a break. And start again the next day.

The small, consistent changes are the ones that make all the difference. 2019 can be your year. So set yourself up for success.